Sonic Generations

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Sonic returns to confront his old enemies.

Who doesn't know Sonic? That little blue hedgehog from Sega, considered the fastest thing in the world with whom you've experienced so many adventures, collecting rings and facing his fearsome enemies, until he gets to the evil Doctor Robotnik.

From the first adventures of Sonic, it's been twenty years, and the Sega guys want to celebrate with a special edition of the game, called Sonic Generations, offering a definitive gaming experience for fans new and old.

Sonic Generations's story begins when, suddenly, Sonic's universe is thrown into chaos, due to the emergence of a new power that can create temporary holes that carry our hedgehog and his friends to the past, encountering other beings known to the team. They have to defeat their enemies and get out alive from this diabolical plan.

Take on some of the classic Sonic characters and new ones by controlling the famous spin attack and use the new Turbo Sonic to meet your goals. And if you wish, compete against your friends to see who gets the most points in the multiplayer mode.


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